Dress For Succes

Dress For Succes

Collaboration with Dress For Succes

First impressions count. On a first date, obviously, but also with important business meetings or job interviews. But how to tackle that if you do not have the budget for an appropriate look, because you earn a minimum income or live with government benefits and financial support? Dress for Success helps people with limited financial resources find an outfit in which they will make a professional appearance at their next job interview – for free! R2 Amsterdam is happy to contribute to this initiative to help job seekers towards economic independence.

Dress for Success is a foundation that runs ten stores throughout The Netherlands. Although ‘store’ may not be the right word, because the clothes one can find there are not sold, but provided free of charge. The store employees give ever ‘customer’ personal style advice and ensure that each and every one of them returns home with a representative set of clothes. The clothing in the Dress for Success stores is a mix of high-quality, second-hand clothing and new clothing – carefully selected for the business context for which it is intended. And that is where R2 comes in.

Making a profit is not the aim of Dress for Success. The foundation is completely dependent on both financial gifts and clothing donations. Now it happens to be that a large part of R2’s collections is particularly suitable for a professional setting – perfect for those on their way to business success! Furthermore, Dress for Success’s mission is also a good match with R2’s objectives regarding sustainability and circularity. Therefore, we will from now on regularly donate part of our collection to the Dress for Success stores in The Netherlands, and in doing so are working on a long-term collaboration with Dress for Success.

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