Merino wool

Merino wool

We offer so many fabrics, weaves and finishes for you to choose from – how to make the right purchase? It can be difficult to imagine what certain fabrics will feel like and how they wear. Here, we explain moreabout our materials to help you on your way.

We are usually quick to associate wool with thick, itchy, winter sweaters, but that image in no way applies to the wool we use at R2 for our sweaters and shirts! Our items are made of 100% Australian merino wool. This is one of the best quality types of wool, which not only feels super soft and smooth, but has many more unrivaled characteristics.

Firstly, merino wool is certainly not only suitable for winter. This natural material has unique, temperature-regulating properties. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer! This is also the reason why wool is widely used for bed linen and even sportswear.

Secondly, wool has the ability to absorb as much as a third of its own weight in moisture and effectively release this moisture to the outside air. This is a big difference with cotton and synthetic materials. Thanks to this moisture regulation, merino wool will make you feel clean and fresh all day long. Besides, you will not be bothered by unpleasant smells anyway, since wool is naturally antibacterial and self-cleaning. The lanolin in wool repels water and dirt, so odors do not linger in the fabric.

Nowadays, 100% merino wool fortunately does no longer need to be washed by hand. With liquid detergent on a wool program of thirty degrees Celsius, our woolen items remain beautiful. Let them air dry, while the natural elasticity of the material makes the fabric bounce back to its original shape. Ironing afterwards is not necessary.